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Hypnosis Solutions

 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,BSCH (Assoc.) GHR reg.Swpp .


Hypnotherapy for sleep disorders is an application of hypnosis for treating the psychological aspects that bothers the patient. Hypnotherapy for sleep disorders works in a subconscious level, it brings the patient to a dream-like state where you are open to suggestion and more in touch with your subconscious minds. It is in this state that the hypnotist implants a suggestion into the patient to treat the sleep disorder.

 The basic technique used in hypnotherapy for sleep disorders is to teach and reprogram the minds about having a relaxing night’s sleep ahead and it also gives a suggestion to your body to wind down as you prepare for sleep. Once the mind is reprogrammed and tricked, it becomes relaxed and be able to sleep readily when you lie down.

Most people who undergo hypnotherapy for sleep disorders will experience improved sleeping patterns. The mood and energy you will feel as you wake up will also be highly improved.