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 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,BSCH (Assoc.) GHR reg.Swpp .


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Confidence Building


What would life be like if...  you had been raised with the best teachers, the most caring parents, and you were supported by friends who were a constant inspiration.

 What kind of person would you be now if... you had attended the best schools, been applauded for your efforts, found your true calling and became an expert in your field because people believed in you.

 , and you knew you were loved and accepted by others.

 When was the last time... you felt so confident that you  knew that people liked you, were interested in what you had to say, and that you were allowed to be 100% yourself.

 For most people the answer is seldom, or NEVER.

You know you want to succeed, yet you have a fear of success. One part of you is trying like heck to work hard, make all the right moves, and get that competitive edge...

 While at the same time, another part of you is trembling with fear doing everything possible to sabotage your efforts. The harder you try - the harder this sabotage rears its head, chopping you off at the knees once again.

 How can this happen? You know your life will improve if you are more confident, able to create wealth, be powerful and persuasive.

 Yet, you keep giving up just when you get close. Or you make stupid mistakes. Or maybe you lose your motivation and just get lazy, even though you know you are a high achiever.

 Many powerful and successful people have come to me for therapy because they have lost their desire to succeed, and are sabotaging all their efforts.

No matter how successful you are, or what you  have accomplished, if you have a deep seated belief that you are unworthy, your subconscious mind will help you comply with your deepest belief that you are not worthy of that kind of success.

Even though you consciously want to succeed for all the right reasons, your subconscious mind probably has a ton of evidence that you are not good enough, that is deeply rooted.

Your are not worthy.

You do not deserve wealth.

Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

You are not good enough.

Where did these beliefs come from? Why are they so hard to shake? You may know, on a conscious level, that you are good enough, educated enough, smart enough. But your inner mind is not convinced. When you were very young your mind was an open slate. You had no evidence to the contrary when you formed your first, and most profound beliefs.

In the first years of life, these statements have a startling impact on our impressionable subconscious mind. The mind has no evidence to measure these statements against any other reality. They are accepted at face value. Then the subconscious mind looks for evidence to support these precious beliefs. And if you grew up in a less than functional environment, you have a ton of evidence thrust on you by teachers, parents, kids at school to reinforce that you are not good, not accepted, uninteresting.

As you read this, you may be remembering times when you were teased, punished, put down, or embarrassed. These memories have a powerful emotional anchor. These emotions are easily accessed during your adult life. When a stressful situation comes up you will probably find yourself feeling the inadequacy as an emotion, before you notice it as a cognitive thought.

Even though you want to feel confident and in control and know consciously that you are smart enough/good enough your emotional subconscious mind knows different. Your mind races back to the memories that hold the emotions of your deepest insecurities. Your beliefs are accessed. Your conscious and subconscious mind is in conflict. The subconscious mind wins. EVERY time. Emotions rule.

And that is the GOOD NEWS!

Why, you ask? Because you CAN change the emotion in the memory. Your subconscious just needs a new emotion to access. No amount of wishing and hoping will change it. No amount of education or book reading will change it. Confidence is not learned on a cognitive level. If it was, it would be easy for you to speak in front of a group of 500 people, or walk up to a woman having coffee and introduce yourself without breaking into a cold sweat.

Change your beliefs by changing the emotions. There are resources available to help people that really want to improve their lives in this way, and hypnosis is one the methods that has been successfully tried by others with this problem. You could find that hypnosis is the perfect tool to help you start building your confidence levels.

Begin creating the life you really want NOW