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Hypnosis Solutions

 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,BSCH (Assoc.) GHR reg.Swpp .



Corporate Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

A hypnosis session is the one benefit that your employees will remember for years to come

Types of Sessions Available
Group and private sessions are available for your company. Group sessions are restricted to just a deep relaxation program with a more in depth hypnosis session on a one to one basis.

Private one on one sessions may be scheduled at one hourly intervals .

Regardless of the type of session that you choose for your employees, they will be grateful that you care about their health and wellbeing.

All sessions will be conducted by Clinical Hypno/Psychotherapist Kevin White.

The Cost
The cost is 800 for a full day of Hypnosis/Psychotherapy & Counselling