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Hypnosis Solutions

 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,BSCH (Assoc.) GHR reg.Swpp .


To understand how hypnotherapy can really help you to stop smoking, you've really got to understand that if you give up something that meant something to you, and get nothing tangible in return, then it's a bad deal, and your mind doesn't like it that way. That's why, if you stop smoking by willpower alone, you more than likely will go back to smoking.

However, using hypnotherapy, we can do something to address the balance... we can give you something that makes it worthwhile for you to stop smoking... something that makes sense, something that makes it a good deal... a good idea to stop smoking, then it will be far easier to stop smoking easily.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Using hypnosis, we can gently, but very effectively and successfully, give your subconscious mind lots of good, tangible reasons to be a non-smoker:

  • You'll feel a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction as a non-smoker
  • You'll feel an enormous increase in your levels of willpower
  • You'll feel more relaxed in everyday life
  • You'll feel confident in yourself; happy as a non-smoker
  • ...lots of good, tangible reasons to be a non-smoker. The list could go on, and on.

And the more good, tangible reasons that you have to become a non-smoker, the easier and easier it becomes to stop smoking permanently.

How Much Money Do You Waste On Cigarettes?

                 10 a day      20 a day         40 a day

    1 Year               1,095       2,190            4,380

    2 Years              2,190       4,380           8,760

    5 Years             5,475       10,950          21,900

    10 Years            10,950      21,900          43,800

    20 Years           21,900      43,800           87,600

    40 Years            43,800      87,600          175,200


“Thank you so much for helping me kick that horrible smoking habit after 35 years. it has been now five weeks and I still have not wanted or desired a cigarette, it feels great. Thanks again for helping me change my life for the better”

recent 48 yr.old female client Esher Surrey

“ After 43 years I finally quit , I have tried patches and other methods, only to fall back into the habit after a few weeks. It has been nearly six months now since my session with you and the craving has gone completely plus the added bonus of saving hundreds of pounds and feeling so much fitter. Thank you so much, I wish I came to you years ago”.

66 yr. old male Surbiton